About CMC²

Welcome to CMC2, Monmouthshire County Council’s new Community Interest Company.  Set up to do things differently CMC2 is driving forward the economic, digital and green agendas in Monmouthshire. Our activities are delivered in various ways:

  • our economic development function is delivered via Monmouthshire Enterprise;
  • our cutting edge digital interpretation services via CMC2 Digital;
  • our Shared Apprenticeship Scheme via Y Prentis; whilst
  • CMC2 Green offers our renewable energy services


CMC2 was established in July 2011 to address a number of social aims:

  • To drive economic development in Monmouthshire to the benefit of Monmouthshire communities (Monmouthshire Enterprise);
  • To take innovative approaches to address digital inclusion via the development of and access to,  digital infrastructure and technologies (CMC2 Digital);
  • To promote and assist training and employment , particularly supporting the unemployed and those with transferrable skills  (Y Prentis) and;
  • To reduce fuel poverty and improve energy efficiency by reducing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions (CMC2 Green).

You can view CMC2’s current structure online.

Contact us:

For further information on CMC2’s activities please  email  enquiries@communitymc2.org.uk or telephone 01633 748316

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